Baby Mama Drama

Some women love shortcuts, no matter how many times you try to explain to them that you can’t force a man to stay, they look
for ways to prove you wrong.

Walking away from someone who doesn’t respect you as a
woman is apparently the hardest thing in the world.

Accepting that no matter what you do, some men will never think you’re good enough
hurts too much. And looking in the proverbial mirror to figure out your own shortcomings
in order to make yourself more appealing, takes is an effort you don’t have time for.

Basic women swear they are perfect, the men they love will eventually love them back, and all they needs to do is figure out a cheat code to
get from Pussy to Wifey by the end of the year.
There is no up up down down code to win this game! Throwing pussy, letting dudes get
in your throat, and giving payday loans is thirsty bitches’ love hustle, and it usually ends
in failure and heartbreak.

However, there is one way to keep a man in her life forever– a baby. Basic bitches have
babies and think that maternity will turn into matrimony. Because of that delusional stance
on love, these women end up in a never ending cycle of chasing men who want nothing to do with them or getting played by
men who use the baby daddy status to take advantage of them.

He came inside you and said he loved you, but it takes more than nuts and words to prove
that he’s genuine.

Pussy is a hell of a drug, and sorry to break the news but impregnating a woman is not
an indication of true love.

I’ve gotten more than a few words from mothers talking about “I’m just trying to make this work for my son ”. Most times I call bullshit on these ladies because
the stories they tell me have nothing to do with wanting a father for their child and
everything to do with wanting a man to call their own.

It’s disgusting that children are being used as handcuffs, child support is being used as
leverage, and baby mama status abused in order to chase away the other women in his life. ”She can call herself his girlfriend, fiance,
or whatever she wants, but we have a child together!” A bun in the oven is not the same as a ring on the finger!

Just because he loves his kid doesn’t mean he loves you, the proof is always in the status,
and a lot of you are hustling backwards.

How are you “fixing things” with somebody you made a baby with?
How can you still be “working it out” with someone you created life with? If you two couldn’t get on the same page in those nine
months—he ain’t fucking with you.
If watching you push a human out of your vagina couldn’t get him to see you differently– he ain’t fucking with you .
If that man wanted to be with you, he would be with you, there is no middle ground.

Spend the night, smash, take his kid to the park or the movies, then go back to his regular life is not being with you.
Women like that are babysitters with benefits, yet they pop their collar like it’s going to lead
somewhere. “Take care of my little boy for me, hit me off with some pussy when I come to
see him, now leave me alone until the next time I call.”

Thank goodness you didn’t need to pass an IQ test to become a mother or you’d be really fucked!
You know you’re not being treated right, go complain about him being a bum and curse
him out, but most likely you’ll answer that door when he comes knocking because you aren’t
strong enough to let go.

On the other side of the fence from those women who get exploited are those who
refuse to take “no” for an answer.

He laid down to make a baby with you so he belongs to you. His new girlfriend is trying to steal him
away, his mother is jealous, the world is against you and all you want to do is be a good mother and unite your family.

Stop it with the conspiracy theories and get the hint, you can’t make him want you the
way you want him. I know this girl who used child support to blackmail her ex-boyfriend
into an engagement. The dude moved in because he didn’t want his paycheck being gobbled up and did the bare minimum
relationship wise. He didn’t pay any bills, take her out, or do anything helpful besides drop
the kid off at the sitter in the morning and dick her down at night. Instead of letting go of the romantic aspect, she ended up supporting both the baby and
the father. This dummy even brought herself an engagement ring. That says it all, she never
cared about her child having a father, or getting money out of him to help out, she was more focused on keeping that man
under her roof.

Go ahead and roll your eyes at the single mothers who couldn’t get their baby daddy’s to commit, but a lot of you are out here
bribing these men to stay. It’s time to stop clinging on to what was and dwelling on the
fantasy of what could be and understand that you do have other options. “But we have a
child together” is not proof that you are soul mates, it’s become an excuse to act desperate!

Offended much? My point got across.

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